Saving one pet at a


We could not do what we do without the help of our foster carers, they really are the heart of A Mini Rescue. 


We would like to save as many animals as possible from a range of scenarios, although without a loving and caring home for the pet to go to, this simply is not possible. 


If you have the space in your heart and in your home for an animal in need, please submit an application. 


We would love to have you on board. 


Download a foster form now and return it to

Foster Carer Requirments

  • The potential foster carer/family must complete and submit a foster carer application.

  • The primary foster carer must be at least 18 years of age with no history of pet abuse or neglect.

  • A home visit to the carer’s home will be performed.

  • Having passed the home inspection; the foster carer will be added to A mini Rescue list of foster carers.

  • The foster carer will be asked to join the foster carers Facebook forum where issues and progress can be discussed and the group as a whole will provide support and discuss issues challenges and achievements.

  • A foster carer must be aware of local, state and federal pet control laws and be responsible for obeying those laws as they pertain to their situation.

  • A foster carer agrees to house pets as his/her own, under sanitary conditions, which meet or exceed minimum standards as defined by local health and sanitation authorities.

  • All pets in his/her care will be housed in a clean, comfortable and weatherproofed accommodation within a well-fenced yard.

  • Cats will not be allowed outside and will be kept indoors only.

  • All fostered pets are to be provided with a minimum of four hours per day of companionship, interaction, stimulation and play and must at all times have access to clean water, food, and shelter.

  • The foster carer agrees to ensure that all pets and humans are kept safe from risk or injury and agrees not to accept more pets than he/she can adequately care for.

  • The foster carer must ensure that they have provisions for disaster and emergency management of pets in care.

  • It is important that foster carers are well matched to their foster pet, therefore, has the right to decline any pet.

  • Foster carers need to be aware that all regular ongoing care of a fostered pet, excluding veterinary expenses, is to be paid for by the foster carer.  

  • The foster carer agrees to make adequate provisions to ensure that all pets are kept free of internal and external parasites, i.e., fleas, ticks and worms.

  • The foster carer will take adequate precautions with entire pets to guard against unwanted pregnancies while pets are in care. Veterinary expenses incurred as a result of a breach of this duty of care may need to be met by the foster carer.

  • The foster carer must make the pet available for inspection by A Mini Rescue representative when requested.

  • The foster carer will provide transport to and from all vet appointments for the pet; these such appointments will be coordinated with the foster carer for best suited times.

  • Veterinary care will be at our nominated vets only. A mini Rescue will not be responsible for the costs of care provided by any other veterinary practices, nor will A mini Rescue pay for unnecessary vet work. Please seek approval from the rescue before proceeding with un-programmed vet work.

  • In the case of a real life-threatening emergency, however, this may be overlooked. If you find your foster pet in a life-threatening situation, please take immediate action to receive adequate care, and also contact the rescue.

  • The foster carer, in conjunction with A mini Rescue representative, will ensure all pets in care are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, parasite-treated, and in good health before re-homing.

  • If our nominated vet(s) finds a pet too elderly for sterilization, a vet letter must be obtained stating this.

  • The foster carer must submit a monthly report to A mini Rescue writing, (email or text) advising of the progress of all pets in care.

  • A foster carer may provide meet and greets for pets where they have the experience and feel comfortable doing so. Please discuss this with the rescue team before accepting a foster pet as part of your family

  • When a pet is ready for placement, the foster carer shall have first preference of adding the pet as a permanent member to their family. Note that regular placement procedures must be followed, including the need for sterilization.

  • If the foster carer no longer wants to or can care for a pet, he/she must make the pet available to new carers and provide them with all available information.

  • The foster carer must give A mini Rescue 14 days’ notice in writing if they wish to have a pet permanently removed from their property unless an emergency situation arises.

  • All fostered pets remain the property of A mini Rescue at all times until placed into their “forever homes,” and adoption trial period has been completed.