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We Don't Need To Know That | A story from a dog foster carer at A Mini Rescue | Pet Rescue Brisbane.

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Caring for a foster pet can be hard, but can you ever do anything more meaningful than saving a life?

We Don’t Need To Know That.

We don’t know what life was like before you ended up in the pound, we don’t need to know that. We know if you had a loving home that someone would be looking for you and they’re not. You are underweight, have wounds and scars, been roaming the streets or at best in a dark drop box for the weekend in the vain hope from your owners that out of the thousands of abandoned dogs someone might choose you.

We don’t know where you came from; we don’t need to know that, we know you are on death row, you have hours, maybe days, you have a concrete cell, no heat or shade you are surrounded by crying and barking dogs, all shapes and sizes it never stops. It’s the most terrifying time of your life.

Maybe you were once the cutest puppy, but you were left alone, perhaps you dug a hole or chewed a shoe and didn’t get any training. Maybe they told you were a bad dog and now you think you are a bad dog. We don’t need to know that.

Maybe they said you were too clingy, too much hard work, an escape artist or un-trainable, they say all these things those humans, its code for I can’t be bothered to train or socialise them. We don’t need to know that.

What you do need to know is we are looking for you, we will find you, we will drive however far to get to you, even through the night. We will find you the perfect foster family, they will give you food, a warm bed, they will fix your scars, and your mind (amongst other things) and they will show you love like you have never known and you will love back tenfold in return.

They will play with you, train you, socialise you and when the time is right, they will find you a forever home. And believe me when I say none of you come in perfect, neither do we, but we already know that.

A story by Joanne Knowles.

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