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Updated: Sep 29, 2018

So what if you can foster only one dog in your entire lifetime? It still means the world to that dog.

Tonight as I look at Walter... a 27kg Wolfie x led at my feet, I wonder how I ended up so lucky.

This precious boy who right now is scared of everyone except me... a gentle giant who is scared of his food bowl, the fridge, a light switch, but who I know in a few short weeks will be someone’s dream come true, makes my heart so sad and happy at the same time.

I just know because I have done this before, and 25+ foster dogs later, I just know. But it all started with one small step... One foster... One day that I thought “Why not?”

Marley my first was a rather overweight Jack Russell Terrier. His owner had died and he was sad, I could do that! Marley arrived and my word and my life changed... He hated me, my son, my dog and my cat, he hid under a bed for 3 days. Oh my the gymnastics I performed to feed and toilet this snappy little man

😯But time is a healer (time and barbequed chicken)... Slowly slowly we got there.

Then came little Sparrow... a teeny tiny underweight Anatolian Shepherd (yes I googled that too) rescued from a puppy farmer.

And so they kept on coming... The adorable pups, the feisty ones, the scared ones, the totally broken ones, the ones that nearly broke my heart when they left. And tonight I have Walter... Gosh how could I ever have imagined that I would be sitting here tonight just 14 months later... Marley and Walter... So far apart but just the same.

Two dogs that just needed someone to take that all important step.

I was you ... I simply had a home, a heart and a need to make things better… I just took that step.

“As a father and son walked along the beach after the high tide began to ebb, they noticed starfish baking in the hot sun. The boy stopped, picked up a crustacean and flung it into the ocean. A few minutes later he tossed another one in the water, and then later another. “Son, what are you doing?” the man asked. “I’m saving starfish.”

The father gestured to the beach littered with thousands of dying sea creatures. “There are thousands of them. What difference could you possibly make?”

The boy picked up a starfish. He ran fingers across the rough surface and then threw it into the water. The starfish landed with a small splash and the boy smiled broadly. “It made a difference to that one.”

This year so many bewildered dogs will find themselves in need. It’s overwhelming to think in terms of numbers.

Whilst you may not be able to help them all... It starts with one step.

Be a hero and send us a PM if you are willing to try, even just once!

Our lovely Foster Coordinator Julia would love you to send her a PM right now on Facebook, or simply complete a foster form you can find on our website www.aminirescue.com.au

In the meantime Water and I shall continue to take baby steps whilst I show you just a few of my amazing fosters that have found their forever homes because I sent Julia that PM x

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