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Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Happy Life Joey xox

They say it takes a village to raise a child... The same can be said about saving a dog.

But this story is really belongs to 2 amazing people.

His Owners brave young son who from 1000's km away put his heart on the line and so eloquently, humbly and genuinely asked for help and an amazing man who saw that plea and without hesitation stood up.

It has been a roller coaster few days and many tears have been shed by many of our amazing team.

We finally broke Joey out of the pound on Monday and got him straight to foster care.

Initially he seemed OK... A little cough but all good.

But the cough got worse and on Tuesday Morning he was at the Emergency vet struggling for breath. A huge list of scary possibilities were presented to us and we cried... Because this wasn’t how it was meant to be. It was agreed to treat the simple stuff first and see how we go... Let’s do antibiotics for kennel cough and a tooth abscess and pray the rest won’t happen. So Joey went back to his carer who struggled and fought this angry and sad little man who so needed medication and food in him.

And hour by hour we waited. Love, antibiotics, stubbornness and outright determination … the usual rescue mix but in much bigger doses were dispensed.

And hour by hour Joey got a little better, and better.

This little man still has a way to go and we thought maybe the amazing man who had stood up earlier would have second thoughts but no way.

He was taking Joey warts and all, just as he was for the rest of his days ...possibilities and all ... How quickly could we get him there?

And we cried some more because great people really do exist.

In Rescue we see the absolute worst of humanity but also the best.

On Joey’s behalf I want to thank Lucas and David... World’s apart but forever connected by your love of this little man... You are both amazing.

Jade for taking on this little man and for loving him when he needed it most, Charmaine for taking a day off work to transport him to his forever, Ellie for taking over when I couldn’t see the woods for the trees and of course Vicki and Fay ... My wing-man who support me and allow me to let my heart rule my head sometimes.

Happy life Joey .. xx

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